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Fundamentally, we aren’t a general IT company. We are specifically a Strategy company leveraging off our experience within IT which has allowed us become Innovation Technology Specialists.



With offerings from Basic to Executive within our Managed Services Division, our Helpdesk currently Supports 5000 End Users at our client sites. You may review our off-the-shelf options further down below.



Through being  Certified, Authorized and Accredited around Services and Solutions related Cloud and Enterprise Mobility, we have the Platform Understanding to help you make the best decision.



Apart from the offerings within our Portfolio, we are also capable of providing bespoke yet proven Platforms to ensure both Operational Capability as well as Business Efficiency

Through being malleable we can gear up or acclimatize easily to the needs of our clients, ensuring efficiency through Service Delivery.


Supported End Users


Client Locations


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Covered Cities

Delivering on Expectations and Objectives

Project Portfolio

Understanding of Business and Technology

Below please find our Portfolio, through which you may review some of our undertakings and receive context around our Business, Capability and Service Delivery.

Since starting up in 2008; we have established a National Footprint, signed some International Accounts, and have also delivered on a fair bit of Flagship Projects across various industries. There are many more than only the projects below, however we prefer that you contact us so that we may engage directly..

Everyone talks about strategy, as if it were something delivered at the press of a button.

Review our clients, projects and references to ensure that we are capable of having meaningful engagements with your business.

Industry Experience & Understanding

Key Verticals

Ongoing Landscape and Technology Analysis


Through strategic direction, we are able to drive operational excellence, return on investment and revenue generation through astute use of innovation technology coupled with strategy. We provide investment value through strategic enablement.


Business capability needs to be achieved through actualization of clearly defined direction, which is derived through astute use of insights obtained from a team of innovative thinkers alongside your stakeholders. We provide operational value through strategic actualization.


Understanding of only technology is not enough in the market of today, not as defined by us, but as defined through various businesses allowing us to give them holistic value by understanding of a lot more than just technology. We provide holistic value through strategic alignment.


Through delivering across various industries, we obtain insights to trends which enable us to assist customers to make informed decisions based on the market as well as the competitive landscape. We provide value in longevity via guidance for strategic sustainability.

Fundamentally different than the rest of IT businesses; we are a business focusing Innovation Technology, instead on solely Information Technology as most business.

Proactive Management & Maintenance

Standard Support Services

options from basic to executive support

Our off-the-shelf options are built for those interested in a custom Service around Core Support within the SOHO and SME market, who want up to Enterprise class/grade Support, without paying Enterprise rates. Apart from these standard off-the-shelf options, please engage us to put a more specific agreement together tailored to your business.

  • Basic

  • R275

  • Premium Antivirus
  • 3 Hours Support
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • 15% Discount for On-Site Support
  • Administrative

  • R375

  • Premium Antivirus
  • 5 Hours Support
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • 20% Discount for On-Site Support
  • Managed

  • R575

  • Enterprise Managed Antivirus
  • 10 Hours Support
  • Management & Monitoring
  • 30% Discount for On-Site Support
  • Executive

  • R675

  • Enterprise Managed Security
  •   15 Hours Support
  • Management & Maintenance
  • 40% Discount for On-Site Support


While everyone is talking solely about "Cloud Backup" and low costs, they are not informing you of anything else as to why those costs are low.

We leverage off cost effective SSAE and ISO compliant services with AES 128, AES 256, or 448-bit Blowfish encryption, ensuring you are safegaurded in all scenarios.

Experience, Understanding and Acumen

Our Team

Meeting or Exceeding Business Objectives

Our EXCO and Management Teams are collectively made up via 66% of individuals from an ICT background, and 34% across the Private Business and Banking sectors collectively. This balance enables us to understand both IT and Business either individually or as one.

We have a Network Operations Centre (NOC) Team dedicated to Support via Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM), a network of 120 on-road Engineers catering to all Ad Hoc and SLA clients across South Africa right up to Namibia and Botswana, then also a dedicated Sales Team and additionally a dedicated Strategy & Innovation Team.

Digital Transformation is a key driver for you business

Ensure you understand that future-proofing your business is related to both technology and human capital. Engage us for insights around Holistic Digital Transformation.

our clients are the key to our success

Client Feedback

our value is defined through what others have to say

We believe its always best to under-promise and over deliver. Not just a sentiment to what we believe, but rather so a referenced testament as per our clients belief in us.

A Mobile Strategy is where your primary focus should be. It can define sustainability, productivity and profitibility.

Many businesses make the mistake by trying to impact a change in thinking of their target market, when instead you need to change the behaviour of your target market. We are able to drive this change through leveraging innovation technology.

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With various silos, we can attend to all your IT needs.

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We are passionate about what we do. Speak to any of our staff or clients for a measurable view on our stance of leading from the front.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  – Simon Sinek.